Symbiosis - Fundamental 17

Symbiosis Institute of Design

15 Feb 2017 To 17 Feb 2017
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Survey No 227, Plot 11, Rohan Mithila, Opp. Pune Airport, New Airport Road, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014 g
Name: Riddhi & Vilohita
Phone: 9970241202 & 7066540762
Paper Flies
Craft a unique, aerodynamic plane and
launch it from a height. The plane that
flies the farthest, wins!

Treasure Hunt
A coded riddle based game, where each
riddle leads to the next one. The first team
to decode all riddles associated with the
theme and find the treasure wins.

Urban Sketcher
Go around Sketching difficult sites from a
venue & click pictures of the same. The
sketcher with the highest quality and
quantity of sketches wins.

Coke Pong
A drinking game played by teams of two in
which each team takes turn to throw a ping
pong ball into the other team’s cups. Once
a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away
and the opponent then drinks the coke in
the cup. The first team to eliminate all of
the opponents’ cups is the winner.

Make graffiti based on a given theme.

All contestants stand in a circle on a
canvas. The trick is to eliminate others
by jumping on their feet. Twist: all feet
will be dipped in paint.

Water Tag
When used strategically even water can be
a lethal weapon.

The contestant who consumes the most
amount of food within a given time limit is
the winner.

Dress like a historical icon with an
interesting fashion sense.

Lan Gaming
Fifa-15,16,17, Counter Strike 1.6, Dota-2

Antakshari with a twist
The Classic Antakshari with a surprise twist.

Mad Ads
Pitch creative ads for crazy/non-existing/-
surrealistic products to a panel of judges.

Caveman’s Casting
A guessing game in which players attempt
to identify words from pictures drawn by
other players.

Shoe Design
Design a completely new and original shoe
using a given paper template. Once finished,
the template will be folded into the shape of a

War of DJs
Showcase your DJing skills to a grooving

Jod Tod Mod
Create something interesting out of
something completely useless in the
given time.

A full day event with 9 players per table.
No re buys. No initial raise,depends entirely
on the player.

Beg, Borrow, Steal
Run around SID campus to find all the items
required in the list. The first to complete the
list wins.

The list of words are given on the taboo card
which relate to the main word you are to
explain to your partner without using those related
words on the card.

Google Doodle
Stylize the Google logo in the most creative
way possible.

T-shirt Painting
Create an awesome t-shirt using templates,
paints and a t-shirt provided to you.

Shift Focus (Photography)
Take photos of Fundamentals to bring out the
essence of the fest.

Guess the Brand
Can you guess the logo or identity of
the given company in the least time

Model Hunt
Showcase your modelling skills

Plug n Play (Battle of Bands)
Registrations fees : 1000/-
Cash Prize - 6000/- 1st prize
3000/- 2nd prize

Runway Rage (Fashion show)
Registration fees: 1500/-
Cash Prize - 10000/- 1st prize
5000/- 2nd prize

Euphoric Pulse (Singing & Dancing competition)
Dance solo
Registration fees: 300/-
Cash Prize : 4000/- 1st prize
2000/- 2nd prize

Dance group
Registration fees: 1200/-
Cash Prize : 10000/- 1st prize
5000/- 2nd prize

Singing solo
Registration fees: 300/-
Cash Prize : 3000/- 1st prize
1800/- 2nd prize

Singing group
Registration fees: 1000/-
Cash Prize : 8000/- 1st prize
4000/- 2nd prize

SPORTS (All Days)
Futsal - Team of 5
Registration fee- 500/-
Cash Prize : 5000/-

Basketball - Team of 5
Registration fee- 500/-
Cash Prize : 5000/-

Football - Team of 11
Registration fee- 2000/-
Cash Prize : 10000/-